Who we are

Sebata Group Holdings is a leading provider of integrated technology solutions and enterprise management solutions to municipalities,  provincial government as well as public and private entities. Sebata is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sebata Holdings, a company listed on the JSE under the Services Sector.

For over 40 years, Sebata has taken the lead in supplying local government with enterprise management solutions, while providing multi-disciplinary professional services, revenue management and meter reading solutions to local government and the utility industry.

Sebata employs a team of innovative, solutions-driven, experienced, motivated and dedicated professionals, who are all specialists in their respective fields. We have established ourselves as the preferred service provider, in varying capacities, to the majority of government institutions including local, provincial and national government departments, state-owned entities, as well as the public and private sectors in general.


To be the pre-eminent, innovative solutions provider of choice through world-class technology, enterprise management solutions and service delivery excellence.


To continually enhance and invest in services, facilities and staff skills development. To innovatively respond to changing environments to satisfy our clients’ needs. To prove leadership and planning to best utilise emerging technologies. To constantly improve customer satisfaction and service.


Excellence | Passion | Innovation and agility | Diversity | Equity | Integrity | Respect

SEBATA MUNICIPAL SOLUTIONS is the leading provider of enterprise management solution and systems, integrated technology solutions, and multi-disciplinary professional services to municipalities, the provincial government, public and private entities, and has been for more than 40 years. Sebata is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sebata Holdings, which is listed on the JSE under the Services Sector. Our services extend to more than 150 local government institutions, public utilities and the private sector in the SADC.


UTILITY SYSTEMS CORPORATION is a leader in the field of smart water metering. Based in South Africa, with its head office in Durban (KwaZulu-Natal), the company is the country’s premier supplier of STS prepayment smart water meters and electronic water management devices to a global customer base. Utility Systems’ products can be used in conjunction with a variety of meters and housings to suit specific market requirements.


AMANZI METERS was formed in 2012 as an initiative to establish a proudly South African manufacturer of water management systems and devices, in support of government’s drive for local procurement to create jobs. Amanzi Meters designs, develops and manufactures its own products, which include plastic water meters, ball valves and a variety of meter boxes. Products are manufactured in an ISO-rated facility and tested according to the Legal Metrology Act to ensure high-quality standards.


FRESHMARK SYSTEMS has since 1987 been developing, supplying and supporting the market’s IT solutions following its development of the first computerised sale, cash and stock control system for fresh produce markets. The system has evolved into a fully-integrated online, real-time market management system and is installed at 21 of the 22 markets in and around South Africa. Freshmark’s flagship system is completely customised for the local fresh produce markets and their associated supply chains.

R-DATA (formed in 1991) specialises in providing public sector solutions throughout Southern Africa. R-Data’s PROMUN is a public sector accounting package that incorporates general ledger, creditors, orders, cashbook, stores, payroll, human resources, costing, consolidated debtors and fixed assets. The next level of PROMUN offers customers the facility of easy Microsoft integration and browser-based enquiries. Other services include system implementation, system training, system development and database design.



IPES-UTILITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES specialises in the development, implementation and management of sustainable revenue enhancement and revenue protection services to municipalities and utilities. UMS has, for the past 21 years, been extensively involved in the financial viability of municipalities and has sound knowledge of municipal and utility finances as well as technical aspects of service delivery.