From your fingertip to your payslip. SebataBiometrics allows for fingerprint authentication to automate Time and Attendance preventing fraud. Many business owners are adopting biometric identification management systems to save money, time and resources as well as increase security.

The benefits of biometrics

  • Fraud prevention
    By utilising fingerprint technology, you ensure positive recognition of your employees, preventing employees from clocking for each other which is commonly done with manual registers and event card systems.
  • Cost effectiveness
    An automated Time & Attendance solution reduces operational costs resulting in time-saving for your HR resources. Separation of normal time, from overtime and public holidays, is done automatically in software, considering grace periods and breaks. Because of the automation, admin staff are no longer required to capture and calculate wages. The system also ensures the correct staff compliment is present at the correct times
  • Control of access
    For security reasons, fingerprint technology allows for strict control, limiting access to certain areas as well as to access at specific times.
  • Managing leave
    Leave management is simplified as absenteeism must be accounted for and a reason for their absence provided.

Organisations can benefit greatly from biometrics systems and do away with the need to remember passwords and combinations. By using biometrics to monitor employee time and attendance, accountability is clearly evidenced; and from a cost perspective, biometrics yields return on investment.

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