In partnership with our sister company, NOSA, SebataOHS seeks to enhance municipalities’ business performance while simultaneously creating a safe environment for their workforce. With our flexible approach, SebataOHS provides services that are tailored to meet your municipality’s needs and risk profile.

Why the need for risk management?

All institutions carry an element of risk; and while it cannot be avoided entirely, it is necessary to anticipate and prepare for all possible scenarios.

Our SebataOHS product suite includes the following:

  • Contract management
  • Chemical and micro-biological laboratories, testing and examination services (for water)
  • Driver and operator risk management
  • Fire safety and first aid training, and support services
  • Injury On Duty (IOD) and occupational disease claim management
  • Occupational hygiene services

Contract management

Through our training, consulting and auditing services, we aim to reduce injuries and fatalities in the workplace. Our training programmes are based on modern occupational risk management principles that equip employees with the knowledge and skills to reduce workplace incidents, create healthier workplaces, as well as identify and manage environmental impacts in an integrated manner. Our training programmes can be adapted to suit your municipality’s needs, at your own pace, and in your own working environment.

Chemical and micro-biological laboratories, testing and examination services (for water)

SebataOHS assists municipalities comply with governments’ quality assurance requirements. We provide a broad range of testing and examination services. As partners to NOSA, our ISO-accredited facilities generate cost-effective, accurate, reliable and timeous results in accordance with strict quality control standards. SebataOHS boasts a thorough understanding of the importance of quality assurance; as such, maintains the competency in enabling your municipality to achieve a high standard quality and excellence.

Driver and operator risk management

SebataOHS helps municipalities meet the mandatory requirements for drivers, especially for those traversing risky terrain and/or transporting dangerous goods as per Road Traffic Act legislation. We assist municipalities to uphold the best safety principles of risk management in everyday business operations as well as implement protocol in the event of a breached procedure. Through auditing, we take a bespoke approach to client-specific needs to suit the municipality’s operations.

Fire Safety and First Aid Training

  • Fire Safety Services
    Effective fire safety will enable a municipality to protect its most valuable assets, its staff. SebataOHS assists municipalities in limiting fire hazards in the workplace, while ensuring that employees are prepared for any emergency that may arise.
  • First Aid Services
    It is a proven fact that first aid saves lives, which is why the appointment of first aiders in the workplace is a legal requirement for all companies. Our training will equip municipalities with the necessary knowledge and skills to respond to an emergency situation in the workplace in order to save lives.

Injury on Duty (IOD) and occupational disease claim management

SebataOHS also specialises in Injury on Duty (IOD) and Occupational Disease Claims Management. We help municipalities meet their Workers’ Compensation obligations, as well as navigate this process by helping your municipality keep complaint with the Compensation Commissioner in processing claims effectively and receiving monies owing to the company back in a reasonable time.

Occupational hygiene services

Occupational hygiene helps prevent ill-health through recognising, evaluating and controlling potential risks. By understanding potential hazards, the municipality is in a far better position to reduce any harmful situations that may result in employee injury or illness. SebataOHS uses strict methodology and professional judgment, based on experience and education, to determine potential for hazardous exposure risks in the workplace.

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