All members of this Sebata division have extensive experience in a municipal environment, including in-depth knowledge of the SebataEMS SebataFMS. Our accountants and consultants are available to assist with all your financial requirements.

  • High-level assistance with management letters: recommendations and solutions on issues raised
  • Assistance and implementation of value-added tools such as: Statutory reporting and Risk assessment
  • Drafting annual financial statements
  • Drafting budgets
  • VAT assessments
  • Recovery strategies and revenue enhancement assessments
  • High-level managements workshops
  • Drafting and implementation of system procedures and day-to-day operating procedures
  • Asset verification

Operation clean audit

Sebata Accounting and Professional Services can assist with your clean audit solutions programme. This intervention has the following critical elements:

  • Assessment of the status quo of the municipality through the audit findings
  • Audit recovery and action plan to address the findings contained in the audit report
  • Constant monitoring of the action plan agreed for the clean audit solutions programme
  • Details of compliance/non-compliance in terms of laws and regulations
  • GRAP, high-level review on annual financial statements
  • Advice on critical issues and the way forward

APS is SAIPA and SAICA accredited

SAIPA and SAICA accountant trainee programme

Sebata has trainee programmes in place to empower graduates by developing their acquired capabilities. For the past two years, Sebata has offered a three-year learnership trainee programme for graduates. Currently, the programmes consists of 20 SAIPA trainees and 11 SAICA trainees. This trainee programme now strategically positions Sebata as the only training institution in the country focusing on producing proficient financial municipal officers and future chief financial officers.

APS Training Programmes

In support of SARS, Sebata offers specialised training to municipalities ensuring their complete readiness for the tax season. Furthermore, mSCOA training is also offered to municipalities leading up the 1 July 2017 deadline

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