Sebata’s AGTRACK solution is a web application that functions as a project tracking and performance monitoring tool, and serves as a farmer database.

Developed in 2002, the custom-built system is continuously evolving to assist the Kwa-Zulu Natal Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, its affiliates such as the Agribusiness Development Agency (ADA), and its farming beneficiaries by providing needs-based management tools and technology to support sustainable agricultural growth.

AGTRACK’s intention is to be the agricultural model adopted by the agricultural sector across Africa.


As a project tracking system, AGTRACK assists clients to recognise all of the tasks that they are required to successfully complete on time. It can break down projects into features such as estimation activities, scheduling, cost control and budget management, resource allocation, quality management, risk management and activity tracking.

There are various reports built into the system. It can determine which geographical areas and communities that are benefitting from the government’s agricultural investment. Project management helps farmers manage and track their expenditure, and milestones and targets are no longer missed. It also records the kinds of projects implemented – in terms of vegetable production, animal piggeries etc. – allowing the government to track what the region’s agricultural needs are.


AGTRACK helps farmers to manage their cash flow, inventory and distribution of yield. It also has the ability to track the distribution of agricultural yield to any school, community or region. Field agents can access the application remotely from any smart device – be it on location or in the office. AGTRACK significantly helps to improve work and agricultural yield across the country, and continually maintains traceability for food safety up and down the supply chain.


AGTRAC makes tracking and monitoring of farming projects accurate and easy, helping to direct funds to where it is most needed.


  • AGTRACK’s flexibility is a real value-add. It has the ability to monitor information from a variety of sources and provides a multitude of data that can be easily filtered
  • It guarantees easy-to-record and highly accurate tracking sheets
  • Users have access to key performance indicators allowing them to determine the most profitable farming practices
  • It tracks planned, actual and modified expenditure on information system accounts
  • It identifies new farming opportunities to improve on traditional farming practices
  • It improves the communication channel between farmers and agencies
  • It increases productivity and saves time and money.



  • Real-time analysis and reportingAGTRACK provides ordered sequence of location data for further processing in real-time. Information can be called up quickly and effortlessly from any device such as a smartphone
  • Project OverviewProject information can be displayed according to the user’s individual needs
  • Activity mappingIt monitors individual farms as separate projects or can report across multiple farms simultaneously. It supports the simple recording of activity and effort for all project steps
  • ForecastingIt uses data to forecast trends and enhance farming success across the KZN agricultural sector Generating older records for monitoring is made easier to forecast future expenditure
  • NotificationsThe system alerts the user to problems as they arise, allowing for quicker resolution in faster time
  • Project PlanningProject phases and milestones can be monitored at each phase, and a complete activity history can be produced for each project
  • Graphic visualisationAGTRACK creates user-friendly simplistic graphs for better comprehension

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