Amanzi Meters is now ISO 9001:2015 certified. Earlier this month, Amanzi Meters was awarded the certification by the Switzerland-based international body, International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), confirming that they meet the global standards of quality.

This certification has opened up new markets for Amanzi Meters whose global reach now extends even further into Africa.

ISO 9001 is the benchmark that organisations use to demonstrate their ability to provide quality products and services to the global market. With this certification, Amanzi can now ensure their customers consistently receive high-quality products; which in turn, brings salient client satisfaction and return on investment. ISO 9001 also provides further benefits, such as reduced wastage and cost savings.

Amanzi’s employees have also positively benefitted from this accreditation. They are empowered through work procedures and advanced instructions that eliminate variations and improves consistency. The result is an improved company culture and a more skilled workforce.