Revenue Enhancement

Revenue enhancement, as a service rendered by Sebata Municipal Solutions, assists local municipal authorities in optimising revenue collection on the services they provide, most especially water. Ensuring basic management controls, such as accurate billing, monitoring of infrastructure, addressing leaks, illegal connections and tampering, will see an immediate improvement in revenue.

If meters are not read regularly, it can lead to inaccurate consumer billing and to abnormally high accounts. Furthermore, water leaks and faulty meters are often not reported, which also leads to high accounts and water losses. Without effective and smart metering, meter erf audits and detailed reporting of water usage, inaccurate billing quickly becomes one of the biggest problems related to non-generation of appropriate revenue.

Thanks to our association with Utility Systems and Amanzi Meters and their highly specialised and technologically advanced products and services, coupled with our experience of more than 40 years in meter reading, pre-payment metering systems, erf audits and billing systems, Sebata can help local authorities increase their revenue collection, clamp down on losses, and reduce non-revenue water.

Revenue and Debt Management

We provide smart end-to-end revenue and debt management solutions to assist you in managing any related challenge. Allow us to perform an assessment of your needs to empower you to make a change today.

  • Are you managing your water losses?
  • Are you billing all your entitled revenue?
  • Are your rates and tariffs accurately calculated?
  • Do you really know your customers’ needs and concerns?
  • Are your customers able to interact with you?
  • Do you know why your customers have long outstanding debt?
  • Are you maintaining your billing data to maximise revenue and collections?
  • Are your revenue policies current and leveraging all possible opportunities?
  • Do you really know who your indigents consumers are?
  • Have you lost control of your debtors’ situation?
  • Do you have a pro-active, focused and implemented revenue enhancement strategy?

Sebata Pre-Paid Water Metering System

A water management solution with pre-payment functionality, leak detection and real-time control, comprising a water management device (WMD), user interface unit (UIU) and bulk WMD. The system ensures improved financial control and revenue collection through the Sebata financial management system billing process.

  • The WMD offers allocation of finite or pre-negotiated daily or monthly allowances
  • The WMD logs and stores consumption data over an extended period
  • Detects leaks, tampering and by-pass, reducing unaccounted for water loss and non-revenue water
  • The WMD also allows for time-based water management enabling the control of night flow water losses
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure with Cloud-Based Communication now offered through the new utiliMeter WMD

Sebata Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

  • Pulse technology ensures regular, accurate readings, resulting in significantly increased municipal billing
  • Automated 30-minute reading intervals with the ability to display daily, weekly and monthly water consumption online
  • User-friendly web monitoring to determine faulty meters and water losses, resulting in increased payment rates and debt collecting
  • Cellular and WiFi communication network allows for multiple nodes connected by GSM concentrators

Sebata Meterman™

  • An integrated web-enabled system allowing real-time management of meter readings
  • Submission of meter reading files for billing purposes

Sebata iRead

  • A next-generation meter reading system that utilises cellphone technology to perform the traditional meter reading function
  • Transmits data in real time to a central database
  • Validates data received from meter readers before being sent for billing – daily, weekly or monthly
  • Its work order module allows monitoring of information online as meters are installed, and ensures validation and photographic record-keeping of all meters removed and installed for timeous changes on the billing system

Sebata iAudit

A next-generation stand auditing system that utilises cellphone technology, which:

  • Confirms the stand (erf) number
  • Confirms whether there is a connection or not
  • Confirms the location of the meter on a property
  • Confirms the meter number and number of dials
  • Takes meter readings
  • Takes image of meters, which records any visible damage
  • Registers GPS co-ordinates
  • Registers time and date of audit

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