IPES-UTILITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES (UMS), founded in 1996, assists municipalities and utilities with the development, implementation and management of revenue enhancement and revenue protection services. UMS has developed its own range of bespoke software applications and management solutions, most notably: credit control, indigent register management, data cleansing as well as meter installation and maintenance. UMS focuses on assisting the municipal sector achieve measurable financial well-being and growth, equipping them to be financially viable – all the while transferring related skills through people development and mentorship programmes. For the past two decades, UMS has been extensively involved in the financial viability of municipalities and has sound knowledge of municipal and utility finances as well as technical aspects of service delivery. With its head office in Pretoria, UMS has several regional offices throughout South Africa.


UMS specialises in the following services:

  • Meter reading
  • Billing validation
  • Revenue enhancement
  • Revenue collection
  • Indigent management
  • Infrastructure and maintenance

UMS assists the South African municipal sector with revenue enhancement strategies and operational implementation. It develops various workflow management packages and interfaces with respective debtor databases.