UTILITY SYSTEMS CORPORATION (USC), established in 2001, is a leader in the field of smart water metering. Based in South Africa, with its head office in Durban (KwaZulu-Natal), the company is the country’s premier supplier of STS prepayment smart water meters and electronic water management devices to a global customer base. Utility Systems currently commands approximately 90 percent of the electronic flow limitation market in the SADC region. Its prepaid water metering system was the first to be approved by the STS Association and has a large, proven deployment.


Utility Systems’ products and domestic, small commercial and bulk metering systems include:

  • Free basic water on a set daily or monthly allowance
  • STS-approved prepaid water metering
  • Automated meter reading (AMR)
  • Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI)
  • Bulk water management

Utility Systems’ products can be used in conjunction with a variety of meters and housings to suit specific market requirements. Their application caters for a wide range of smart water metering options. All design and manufacturing are undertaken in accordance with their ISO 9001: 2008 certification, where the focus is on producing high-quality products.